The Fugro Explorer Offshore Drillship was in need of serious renovations to its existing decking system throughout the accommodations spaces. The existing decking system was comprised of a cement based underlayment and vinyl flooring. Due to moisture intrusion from cleaning and maintenance, the vinyl flooring was delaminating from the cement underlayment, and the underlayment was degrading severely.

PSCS was brought in to fully remove the existing decking system down to bare metal. We also were charged with providing adequate surface preparation to the steel deck to allow for proper adhesion of the new system. This project included the installation of a completely moisture-tolerant, epoxy-based decking system. The following areas were renovated:

  • All passageways
  • All interior stair wells
  • Offices
  • Galley
  • Recreational Room

The new decking system needed to be seamless to prevent further moisture intrusion issues, and all products had to be IMO Certified. The flooring also needed to be decorative and functional — and contain low VOCs — due to its use as offshore living quarters. The work was performed during a shipyard maintenance cycle and had to be scheduled carefully and completed ontime to minimize accommodation space downtime and shipyard schedule conflicts.

Marine Decking Products Used:

  • MS 11 CZ – Steel Deck Primer
  • PolySpec® IMO Clad – Epoxy Underlayment
  • PolySpec® Flex IMO – Vinyl Chip Flexible Seamless Floor
  • Rubber Cove Base

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