Chemicals and contaminated rain water were becoming a problem in the NRG process unit at its plant in Richmond, Texas.

As the rain water fell through the process unit and onto the concrete, NRG, the leading integrated power company in the country, had soil contamination concerns if this rain water soaked through the concrete and into the soil.

PCS was brought in to provide an advanced coating system that not only prevented the rain water from soaking into the concrete, but was also chemically resistant to the materials used in the process unit.

Ultimately, the coating system allowed for the contaminated rain water to run to a sump basin where it was stored, treated and disposed of later.

Key service considerations:

  • Chemical Containment: System was needed to contain chemicals and contaminated rain water.
  • Chemical Resistant: Coating system chosen needed to be chemically resistant.
  • Safety: PCS had to meet rigorous safety and inspection criteria to be allowed to operate on site.

Industrial Flooring Products Used:

  • PolySpec® 300 EX | Epoxy Performance Primer for Concrete
  • NovoRez® 351 Base Coat | Acid Resistant | Polysulfide-Modified, Epoxy Novolac
  • NovoRez® 360 Top Coat | Solvent Resistant | Novolac Phenolic

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