GEO Specialty Chemicals is a market leader of specialty chemical additives for the concrete admixtures, synthetic rubber polymerization, gypsum processing, ceramic dispersing agents and oil well cementing markets.

GEO Specialty Chemicals had approximately 3,000 SF of badly damaged concrete due to their chemical process usage.

Not only was the concrete corroded in some areas and heaved in others but all the pump pedestals were damaged, and the trench drains no longer functioned.

Services to complete included the following:

  • Concrete needed to be brought back to a level surface which required rebuilding the entire substrate.
  • All the pump pedestals and trench drains needed to be reformed to the original state.
  • The entire area needed to pitch to the trench drains.
  • A chemical resistant coating needed to be applied throughout to protect the foundation.

Solution Overview:

  • GEO Specialty Chemicals needed a product system that would restore floors back to their original state.
  • PCS had to employ several surface preparation techniques to thoroughly remove bad, unsound and wet concrete. This was done to ensure a solid substrate to work with.
  • The entire system needed to withstand chemical exposure as well as thermal shock due to temperatures.

Industrial Flooring Products Used:

  • SIKA 1000 | Rapid Hardening Repair Mortar
  • TuffRez® 200 CR | Epoxy Novolac Topping Binder | Chemical Resistant
  • PolySpec® 300 EX | Epoxy Performance Primer for Concrete
  • NovoRez® 351 | Coating | Acid Resistant

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