Entergy Corporation is an integrated energy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations. In one of their facilities, spills from 98% sulfuric acid had removed about 1/8 inch of concrete surfacing down to the aggregate. In addition, the area had to be pitched to the drains.

TuffRez® 200 was selected as a resurfacer to replace the removed concrete and create a new slope. A cove base was installed using Thiokol® 2235M, topcoated with Thiokol® FEC 2234 embedded with engineering fabric. Finally, a new lining system using NovoRez® 351 was installed. Through testing, this coating has proven to have long-term resistance to concentrated sulfuric acid.

Industrial Flooring Products Used:

  • PolySpec® 300EX - Epoxy Performance Primer for Concrete
  • TuffRez® 200 - Epoxy Topping Binder
  • Thiokol® 2235M - Industrial Polysulfide Joint Sealant, Non-Sag
  • Thiokol® FEC 2234 - Concrete and Steel Coating/Membrane, Flexible Epoxy
  • NovoRez® 351 - Concrete Coating, Acid Resistant

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