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Surface preparation is vital
Surface preparation is a vital part of all coatings jobs.  Without a properly prepared surface, even the best coating systems can fail.  When working in this industry, you will see many jobs where poor surface preparation has led to coatings failures.   Improper surface preparation could turn what seems to be a simple process into a lengthy, difficult repair.  Here at PCS we consider prepping of the job as one of the single most important factor in determining the long term bonding performance of the coatings materials.    We want to protect your investment.  
3 typical modes of failure:
Cohesive Failure - Is failure within the coating system itself.  It is important to prep between the various coats of the system, and to work within the proper 
re-coat window.

Substrate Failure - Is when the substrate your coating fails.  This can be cause for a number of reasons.  The reason range from old or damage substrate, moisture related issues to improper use of the substrate.

Adhesive Failure - Which is the most common mode of failure is a result of improper preparation, moisture vapor transmission or incompatible materials.

Regardless of the type of failure, it always comes back to improper preparation and planning.  PCS understands and recognizes the importance of both, and is committed to excelling in this category. 

PCS employs a pre-job and daily check list that covers all types of surface preparation methods, recording surface profile readings, taking moisture vapor transmission readings and performing ongoing Quality Control measures throughout a project.  Through these useful tools, PCS will reduce failures due to improper surface preparation.
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