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**PCS begins complete decking renovations throughout the living quarters for Stallion Offshore on BP Thunderhorse.
**PCS begins secondary containment chemical resistant coatings project for Laughlin Air Force Base.
            Del Rio, TX  
**PCS starts new multi-push boat project for Buffalo Marine at Southwest Shipyard.
            Houston, TX  
**PCS to begin Littoral Combat Ship # 10 at Austal USA.
            Mobile, AL  
**PCS completes TXDoT ferry renovations for MV John Johnson, MV Gibb Gilchrist and MV Dewitt Greet at Southwest Shipyard.
            Houston, TX
**PCS completes A60 upgrades on offshore platform for Kepple Amfels.
            Brownsville, TX
**PCS completes decking renovations for Port Aransas ferry MV Charles Heald.
            Houston, TX

Vibra-Coustic SVD-SLU
Sound &Vibration Dampening

International regulations and standards mandate the requirement to mitigate noise and vibration in occupied spaces.Dex-O-Tex Vibra-Coustic SVD systems significantly reduces the airborne noise and dampens the structural vibration by defusing the kinetic energy wave transfer that propagates the noise and attenuates the vibration to reduce the noise transference. Undesirable noise is transmitted through the structure of the vessel. Noise and vibrations generated from the engine, propeller, and other mechanical equipment creates vibration that transmit as structure-borne noise into the air or is induced from the large flat areas of the deck. These products are specifically designed to reduce airborne noise (STC Sound Transmission Class) and sound vibration (IIC Impact Insulation Class) as well as reduce structural vibration. (Dex-O-Tex)

Vibra-Coustic SVD meets IMO requirements and complies with the requirements of ISO 6954

Elasta-Vistic Membrane over bond coat.

Elasta-Vistic Membrane

 Vibra-Coustic SVD



The PCS Difference
At PCS we differentiate ourselves in three key areas:
P - Promptness
Whether our customers need us to look at future work, address a current need or look into past projects, PCS always handles each customer with equal importance and with immediate promptness.
C - Craftsmanship
PCS strives to be the best craftsman in our discipline. It is our goal to provide the highest quality product for our customers.
S - Safety
Last but certainly not least is Safety. Through dedicated PCS employees, daily safety meetings and ongoing safety training, PCS takes pride in our reputation for working in a safe manner.


Marine Decking Products - IMO Approved, ABS permitted, U.S. Coast Guard Certified and U.S. Navy Buyer's Guide (QPL) Included
·  High Performance Floor & Wall Systems  
·  Chemical Resistant Coatings   
·  Reinforced Linings    
·  Polysulfide Sealants & Coatings     
·  Primers & Sealants    
·  Concrete Repair Products 

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