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Dear Customer,
I've been involved in the coatings industry for a number of years now, and countless projects where slip-resistance was a major concern.  Whether it is living quarters for the marine industries, concourses for major sports venues, secondary containment areas in chemical plants to all types of machinery and fabrication shops, the need for slip-resistance is worldwide.
And as diverse as the industries requiring slip-resistance coatings, so are the answers.  Some want coatings that are decorative and slip-resistant.  Some may want ease of maintenance and cleaning while being slip-resistant. While others may want a highly aggressive non-skid coating for vehicular traffic.
The overall products and systems available on the market are too numerous to list, but PCS is well versed to determine what is the best solution to meet your needs.
Contact us today, and let us help reduce your slip, trips and falls.
Chad Bird




Light Aggregate
Slip Resistant

Medium Aggregate
Slip Resistant

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Slip Resistant


High-Traffic / Safety Stripping
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Loading Docks
High Vehicle Traffic

We are focusing on slips, skids and slides!

Slip, skids and slides occur when friction between footwear and the floor surface is decreased.  Slip, skids and slides can happen in split seconds. The following are incidents where friction is decreased:


Liquid spills on the floor
Hazards created from rain or snow
Wet and oily surfaces caused from bad housekeeping
Permanent obstacles that are in the way of pedestrian traffic
Loose rugs or matting
Broken, chipped or loose tiles & flooring.

In any business, productivity is the key to making a success of that business.  Your employees need to have a safe environment in order to perform their duties.  You must also conform to the health and safety requirements.  You can save billions of dollars in workers compensation claims as well as man hours due to injuries if you but attention and focus on flooring.  With critical focus on safety of walkways, bathrooms, and stairs you can increase productivity of your employees.

These are some interesting statistics on accidents:

  • The USA looses approximately 17,000 hours due to injuries caused by workplace accidents which are a direct result from slips, skids and slides
  • Same level (flat surfaces) account for 65% of fall related injuries.
  • One in five lost-time injuries result from slip, skids and slides.
  • 1 worker is injured every 20 min due to slips, skids and slides, that's 80 per day
  • Up to four times the average of a WSIB claim is $59,000 which is calculated by staff replacement and lost productivity, all from a claim of $11,771 that could have been avoided in the first place

It's important to recognize slip, skid, and slide hazards on the job when you see them so that you can take proper precautions to prevent accidents and protect yourself and co-workers from injury. You should be able to:

  • Recognize slips, skids and slides as a serious safety problem
  • Identify slip, skid and slide hazards on the job
  • Avoid and/or eliminate slip, skid and slide hazards
  • Prevent falls and slips on stairs


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Gulf of Mexico
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Houston, TX
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Gulf of Mexico
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Mobile, AL

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Del Rio, TX
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PCS completes renovations on BP Thunderhorse for Stallion Offshore
Gull of Mexico

PCS begins decking replacements for Gulfland Structures on Marlin
Gulf of Mexico



Established as PolySpec Construction Services in 2002, and becoming Polymer Construction Services, Inc. (PCS) in 2013, we have developed our customer base by superior expertise in the marine, commercial and industrial coatings field by competitive pricing and first-class customer service. 



PCS Construction does not measure success by the bottom line.  We measure it in customer satisfaction and quality of service, placing honesty and integrity above prosperity.  At PCS we recognize that our most important asset is our reputation.  When it comes to new construction or repairs, our commitment to quality and integrity translates into excellence in everything we do.
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